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Founding Attorney

Connor Throckmorton has vast experience in representing employees in claims involving discrimination, retaliation, harassment, wrongful termination, and employee benefits.

He has represented clients for claims under Title VII, ADA, ADAAA, 42 USC § 1981, ERISA, FLSA, and breach of contract against fortune 500 companies, hospitals, government entities, and higher education institutions.



Throckmorton Law Firm PLLC Choosing an employment lawyer is tough. Here’s how we can make your case easier.

When you’ve faced discrimination, retaliation, and other stressful situations because of your employer, you may already know you have grounds for an employment case. But do you need a lawyer? In most cases, hiring a lawyer can be the key to getting the funds you’re due following infringement of your employment rights.

But choosing the right employment lawyer for your case is tough. You may have already faced serious losses because of discrimination, retaliation, or harassment during this time. So what makes Throckmorton Law Firm PLLC the right choice?

If you believe you have an employment law case and you’re ready to get justice for the suffering you endured in the workplace, below are just a few of the key ways we stand out from other employment lawyers.

Employment Law Support when You Need It Most

Experienced Counsel

When you’re facing discrimination or other illegal actions within your workplace, you want knowledge and skill on your side. Our firm has handled many types of employment law cases, giving us the tools and experience you need for a successful employment law case.

Answers for Your Urgent Situation

Employers may act inappropriately or disrespect your rights as a worker at any time, not only during regular business hours. That’s why we offer emergency consultations—if you’re facing an urgent employment problem and you need to act now, our firm is just a call or click away when you need to talk.

A Sharp Focus on Your Family

When you’re facing issues with your employment, wages, or benefits, you may be concerned about your future or the future of your family. How will you support them during this difficult time? Our firm is here to provide support in the courtroom, so you can focus on your family.

We're here to help you through some of the toughest situations your career could face.
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